Thursday, September 19, 2013

N-Prize to remain open indefinitely

It is perhaps a dubious choice to keep a competition open forever, as the lack of a deadline tends to reduce the motivation factor to some extent. Particularly if, in this case, the prize is relatively small, and the challenge very limiting and difficult.


  1. To be realistic, this prize should not have had a 'deadline' since the prize had a small 'monetary' award though who ever wins this prize will have many people knocking at their door. And because the challenge is limiting and difficult, time is needed to solve the challenge is coming up with and perfecting what will be needed to accomplish this goal.
    As for reducing the motivation factor, I was at one time on one of the original N-Prize teams and joined another after the deadline was eliminated because it now seemed like there was time to do it...seems others feel the same way since there are now many new teams competing.