Sunday, December 23, 2012

UnB Hybrid Propulsion Team

"Currently the Hybrid Team and it’s members are working in several research lines like; bio rocket fuel, ceramic coated nozzles, autonomous aircraft, electric propulsion, trajectory prediction and optimization, aerodynamic simulation and multidisciplinary rocket design optimization. The UnB’s Hybrid Team in the contest of the Aerospace Initiative is working in the development of skilled manpower for several Brazilian space related initiatives such the Brazilian-Ucranian joint venture Alcantara Cyclone Space and the Formosa Rocket Launch Field. Currently 10 engineer are being trained to by the Hybrid Team and The LARA laboratory to work for ACS in a aerospace an masters program. Those professionals will be among the first technical staff of the new company and will directly work in the 2012 Cyclone-4 launch in Alcantara-MA. Professionals trained in the Hybrid Team of the are occupying positions in the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Ministry of Education (MEC), University of Brasilia and ENSMA."

Hybrid Team.