Monday, March 26, 2012

What is Team Prometheus up to?

I was able to find this really neat little rocket payload section. Team Prometheus has been, and remains the most active of N prize teams. They have clearly expanded out to many other areas in addition to this competition. This nice little payload section seems to have a camera and other electronics in it. What can be done with such a small rocket? Well if it is launched from a rockoon, even with a tiny motor such as a J, it can possibly fly to space.

"A current project is the Rockoon or Rocket launched from a high altitude balloon project. This project is about to happen with a ground launch test and then the high altitude launch. One aspect of this launch that we were hoping to use the APM along with a guided parachute to make recovery a lot easier of the payload. Anyone interested in this project should contact me immediately."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heinz Wolff interviews Paul Dear

"With one year to go, the N-Prize founder Paul Dear talks to Heinz Wolff about the competition and why he started it."

It is interesting to hear Dear talk about rockoons. The video also includes a review of several teams. Note that there are now about 190 days left in the competition.