Sunday, July 10, 2011

University of Brasilia now an N-prize team!

Here are some of the projects from this "hybrid team."


"The LILE Program is the first project of Hybid Team and the aim was the launch of two small sounding rockets ,began in 2005 , LILE 1 and LILE 2 the first hybrid rockets ever launched in Brazil."



"The year is 2005 and The Santos Dumont sounding rocket program begins, a program to develop large aluminum hybrid rockets capable of reaching altitudes as high as 8 km an possessing computer controlled telemetry and parachute recovery systems. The program was divided in to two stages the development of the SD-1 and the SD-2, the first one being a 500N rocket and the second one a 1500N rocket."

SD Project


"Parallel to the Santos Dumont rocket program a advanced test benches program was developed, this program was aimed in developing versatility rocket test benches capable of generating good experimental material for propulsion studies."

Modular Bench


We look forward to great things from this team!